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Our registered surveyors provide a wide range of surveys on land and water, as well as construction set out, subdivision, 3D scanning & mapping drones.


A basic prerequisite for building and land development, site detail surveys look at the elevation and contours of the land.

Our innovative technology can identify natural and man-made structures including vegetation, neighbouring buildings, gutters and ridges, and the location of existing utilities such as sewerage, gas, power, and telephone lines.


Construction and Engineering set out

A construction set out is essential for builders and engineers to construct precisely what has been designed. Our experienced surveyors mark out the architectural building design onto the land to ensure an accurate build.

We work on a range of industrial and commercial projects, including roads, tunnels and bridges, as well as new builds and extensions.


Urban and Rural Subdivision

Accurately preparing an urban or rural block for subdivision and land titles requires a surveyor to conduct a site detail survey.

With our expert guidance, we'll take care of all your subdivision needs - from site survey and planning to registration with the relevant authorities.


Using innovative 3D technology, we can accurately measure and collect data from buildings, landscapes, objects and surfaces. Cloud point data generates detailed models that allow you to have a complete understanding of your site or structure.

3D scanning can work in hard-to-reach and inaccessible locations, making it an effective solution for complex development sites. 3D laser scanning improves the planning, design, construction, management and renovation processes for buildings.

It is the ideal reality capture technology for creating digital twins.


Aerial surveying is a fast and efficient method of data collection with a range of applications in topographic and route surveys, urban planning and mapping, construction, landfill and mining and visual inspection surveys.

An aerial survey using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) such as a drone can provide a fast and efficient method of capturing data over large areas quickly. This is a great option for large route or topographic surveys, volume and cut/fill surveys on large construction or mining sites, and urban planning and flood modelling.

Products and deliverables can be provided to suit your specific project requirements, including ortho rectified high-resolution imagery, 3D point clouds, terrain models, and photo-realistic reality mesh. Using photogrammetric techniques or LiDAR, scans can be used for planning, mapping and modelling projects, design and engineering projects, and forming the basis for large-scale volumetric calculations on mining or landfill sites.


Hydrographic or Bathymetric surveys measure the depth and bottom configuration from bodies of water. Hydrographic data is obtained utilising an echo sounder.

Other marine survey services include:

  • Preliminary and post dredging surveys for determination of volumes
  • Surveys concerning construction and dredging of Mooring & Marine facilities
  • Piles & sheet piling set-outs for mooring and harbour facilities



Monitoring surveys are a method of surveying in which significant structures or features are accurately measured to determine their stability.

This helps determine the structural integrity of buildings and structures during civil works for public safety. 

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